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Why I am vegan…



Lately, I’ve been getting asked quite often different sorts of questions related to myself and choosing veganism.  “Why are you vegan?” “What made you go vegan?” “Why veganism?” “Are you vegan because it’s becoming popular?” “What’s vegan?” “What’s it like being vegan?” “What do you eat?” “Where do you get protein?” “Do you even get enough protein?” etc. Here’s my response to you all and there couldn’t have been a better day to deliver these thoughts to you, my dear friends.

     I first went vegetarian three years ago!  What made me go vegetarian? I was going through all sorts of health problems that I wanted to become responsible for and take care of finally. I joined the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a helping hand to learn and understand all about nutrition on a healthy note. That is where I began to learn more about vegetarianism and veganism, what it took, what is involved, etc. I got so interested in both that I started to watch documentaries on Netflix back to back and not only was I in awe, I was disgusted. I felt disgusted, sad, and angry that for so long I was apart of such a corrupted, detrimental, and disgraceful game/industry. I went vegetarian overnight, one day I decided this is it, and that was it. I remember when I used to tell people that are currently vegetarian/vegan. “I could never go vegetarian let alone vegan. I respect you so much for having that ability.” “My family is Hispanic, and we eat meat all the time.” “I have to have meat, or I feel incomplete.” “My family will judge me or look down on me, so I can’t make such a change.”  Now I look back to when I used to say that, and it makes me giggle, smile, and it truly warms my heart. It makes me so happy and proud that I was able to override my own beliefs as well as everyone else’s that has ever looked down upon my choices/beliefs. I remember when I used to be vegetarian and people would ask if I would ever go vegan, at first I used to say I don’t know it’s so extreme, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to because it requires so much dedication. And again I smile, literally right now as I am writing this post I’m smirking. The funniest part was like a month ago, or so, someone snapped me and said: “I thought you said veganism was too extreme.” I could not stop laughing.

     The same reason I went vegetarian sort of goes along the reason why I chose to become vegan. In March, I started thinking about my purpose in so many different aspects and in came my thoughts about me being vegetarian and what I could do to be a bigger voice because there were so many emotions in me that I felt weren’t enough with being just vegetarian. I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian meaning dairy, and eggs were included in my plant-based lifestyle. I felt I couldn’t put my dollar to support the dairy and egg industry anymore. But it was more significant than that; I just didn’t feel comfortable every time I went into a store and thought about the pain a being went through to be tested on and give us a luxury. Every time I went to the store and bought something I felt against, didn’t make sense anymore. I wanted things to make sense and align with my feelings and beliefs. What better way to start transitioning to veganism? Being completely transparent, going vegan was not as easy as it was with vegetarianism. It did not take a simple overnight choice. When I started going vegan in March I would spend weeks and months totally 100% vegan and then I’d have a few little slips. But I can say the less and less I let my mind and social environment take over, and the more my heart and true beliefs take the wheel it’s been a great journey. Also, the more I learn about veganism day by day the better I become at knowing myself and what I love. So yes, I’ve been entirely vegan for the past four months. What’s it like being vegan? Being vegan is LIFE. It’s great!! I think about the times I’ve had dairy and eggs and honestly not only has my body never really liked it, but it also makes me feel physically shitty and sick. The more I delved into a plant-based lifestyle, the less my body accepted a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet; and that along with my heartwarming love for the life of animals gave me the push to become vegan, love veganism, and choose veganism for life. As a vegan, I eat more a diversified diet than I ever have in my life. I eat tons of fruits, veggies, legumes, tofu, tempeh, etc. things I’d never think I would be enjoying. Something I love is how creative I get to be in the kitchen when I want to be, but mainly I love and appreciate the simplicity. It’s GOLDEN. On that note, YES… I do get enough protein, and it’s clean protein so nbd, I have nothing to worry about. Few people are aware of our bodies total numerical requirement for protein, (10%-35%), and in today’s fast food, high protein everything world, a lot of us are intaking way more protein than our body needs. If you don’t believe me look it up, as well as the side effects of excess protein.

     Being vegan I don’t feel like I am exploiting life, lives that matter just as much as a human life. A life that’s sentient and should not by any means feel pain or be taken advantage of in any way.  I don’t believe in “ethical” slaughter or any ethical way of exploiting an animal to give us humans one of their byproducts; there’s no such thing. When people say “oh but they were ethical,” or “they gave them a shot not to feel the extreme pain when they were getting slaughtered” etc. whatever “ethical” slaughter is…. Just the fact that such a term even exists is enough for me. In my opinion, your dollar given to the industry is a vote for what you believe in; I’m not saying you should go vegan, but why not? It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try 😉 Given that, no I am not vegan because of “popular belief” as people say. Contrary to popular belief, I am vegan because it’s what my heart, my mind, and my body choose. I am vegan for EVERYTHING… all animals, our water, compassion, world hunger, the rainforest, peace, my health, basically the environment and our planet! And honestly, if I were vegan because it’s the “new” thing or if anyone chooses to become vegan because it’s the new thing; then so be it! VEGANISM FOR EVERYBODY. The fact that veganism is becoming so prevalent and so many people are starting to understand the love for life and the science behind it is excellent. After all, science does prove a healthy vegan diet leads to a decrease in so many physiological, physical, and psychological diseases. ;P It’s a ripple effect.

Ps: Because I know it’s itching in at least one of your brains, yes you can build muscle on a vegan diet and be a vegan athlete. Do yourself a favor and go check out #veganfitness and #veganbodybuidling on insta. 🙂

xoxo Jenn

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