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With love and positivity, all is possible. Loving myself was essential to all aspects of my mental and physical growth. It’s hard to keep on with your daily life when you have demons knocking at your door. I had to come to terms with my life, my situation, and my relationship with food. I never realized how much loving and accepting myself would change my life. Perhaps, it was the best step I have ever taken in my life so far. However, that is not to say that there aren’t days when I still feel the same way. But I begin to think to myself how far I have gotten and how much I have grown… Let’s take a moment, think about it. When we reflect on love and happiness, we shouldn’t feel pain. No matter what keep looking forward. Take on lots of adventures as they may be the cure to your mental health, your mess. It’ll all be okay and letting go of some of my fears has changed me for the better. You are your biggest critic, and nothing is better than being positive and kind to yourself. Self-love is the ultimate key to success.

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