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2017 is almost over, and I still had yet to try cupping!

Since forever ago I’ve been wanting to try cupping therapy. I’ve had my eye on it and just never made the time to go. A few days ago my best friend went, and of course, I had to text her right away and get all the deets! I finally went, and I am obsessed!!

What is cupping therapy? It is an incredible Traditional Chinese Medicine technique. Even though the way it’s done has changed over the years and the way different people do it, it’s still the same mechanism, the same benefits. Cupping requires the placement of glass, plastic, or bamboo cups on various parts of the body using fire or a pump. The pressure creates a vacuum and suctions out the air. The tissue (your skin) is then sucked into the cup creating a tight and tense like feeling on your skin (kind of hurts, yet it feels good — or maybe that’s just me lol). After a few seconds if you’re anything like me the pressure is extremely relaxing and soothing. I even fell asleep…

The benefits? Cupping is supposed to increase your blood flow, relieve pain, and create heat and release toxins from your body.  It loosens up your muscles and relieves stress which helps with anxiety and headaches. To me, that is heaven sent!!

Post therapy, you will notice the spots where the cups were placed will be red with tiny red dots from the pressure created. After, the spots will remain red and even turn blue or purple. The colors are stronger the more blockage you had or if you had an injury. However, after a few days or depending on the person and the blockage maybe even a few weeks. The “bruising” shouldn’t be painful so don’t freak out when you see all these bruise marks all over your body or tended areas.

Before I forget, after cupping I got a full body massage, and it was the icing on the cake!! Lastly, the practitioner told me not to shower for about 4-5 hours because the body is heated and it needs to keep processing post therapy.

GO TRY CUPPING THERAPY!! You’ll thank me later!


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