About Me

I am assuming whether you know me personally or follow me on social media that my name is Jennifer Arias. And if you didn't that's okay, why else are we here? 🙂

Just a gal in her 20's 😉 I  am the healthiest I have ever been in my entire life. I was vegetarian for 3 years and have been vegan for almost a year... the best decision I've ever made in my life (mentally, emotionally, physically, and environmentally). I am passionate about all things health, fitness, mindfulness, balance, and life related!! I love hanging with friends and family, but I love spending time on my own. I love to feel time and get to take in life and everything that's going on in my surrounding world. I adore all sorts of nature from the beach to the woods. Anything that involves being outside makes me the happiest person ever. 


To reach out to all people and perhaps be their motivation and inspiration as they are en route to a healthier lifestyle; because what's better than a lifestyle you have always longed for! I want to be a voice in the world and teach everyone that you can enjoy life no matter where you are and how different you may live it than others. I want to portray what BALANCE means and how important it is in our lives!

How? Why?

Through struggling with my body and other health concerns, I grew to love the real definition of health and mindfulness. No, we aren't perfect and that is why I like you am always learning and changing!

I wanted to change my life around for the sake of my health. So, in September 2015, I joined the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. A year later I was a certified Holistic Health Coach. While in the program, I realized that I could be a voice the world for those experiencing similar hardships and so much more. I felt how fulfilling and incredible it could be to reach out to so many people by connecting and helping them remember how important they are. I want to dedicate my time to help others understand the value of health and how to become their best selves in their own way...because at the end of the day we are all different!